About Celebrate Recovery (CR)



Our mission is to help each person find the freedom and peace that Jesus promises to everyone and to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives.

Reasons Why We Believe In

Celebrate Recovery

  • CR is based on the actual words of Christ
  • CR is forward looking
  • CR puts strong emphasis on personal responsibility
  • CR calls for a spiritual and specific commitment to Jesus Christ
  • CR emphasizes growth and healing in the context of small groups
  • CR fosters groups into leadership of those who participate
  • CR acknowledges that everyone is broken and in need of repair in some area

The DNA of Celebrate Recovery

  • Jesus Christ is the one and only Higher Power. The program is a Christ-centered ministry.

  • The Bible and Celebrate Recovery curriculum consisting of the Leader's Guide, four Participant Guides, and the Celebrate Recovery Journal are to be used exclusively.

  • The ministry is group based. All groups are gender specific and use the Five Small Group Guidelines and format.

  • We have been conducting online CR Groups for the past 2 years. We normally conduct face-to-face group sessions only and will return to this format when conditions allow.

  • The Celebrate Recovery, Five Small Group Guidelines, are implemented and followed every time.

  • Celebrate Recovery expects each group to be accountable to Christ, the local church, and the model of Celebrate Recovery as originally established.

  • Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of the local church. For over 30 years Celebrate Recovery has not, and will not, attempt to dictate any doctrine or policy of a local church. It is the position of Celebrate Recovery that a local Celebrate Recovery ministry should follow the policies of their local church.